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#1 & #2

So, here's what I've learned about myself this week since I got the offers for my books and started blogging (well, posting twice.)
1. I have a really hard time accepting complements
2. I have a really hard time talking about myself
Connected? I think maybe. And maybe that's why I write, too. It's much easier to go there with characters I've made up, then with myself.

But since I'm here....
No news yet on final details of the deal, but I find for once it's easy to be patient. I have a new young adult novel (book #4) I'm just beginning, and I'd like to get some momentum going there. I also have book #3, a funny story about a 10 yr. old boy, that needs to be revised. Plus another little project I've got goin' on. Once the deals for #1 and #2 (okay, get your heads out of the potty) are done, I'll probably be swamped with revisions.

Sooo, I should be writing not blogging right now.

(Not that I don't want to blog with you right now, but I really shouldn't be talking anymore. Okay? Bye!)