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Happy January and winners, too!

I know we are technically six days into the new year, but in my world (which mostly consists of being a mom) life didn't start back up until yesterday. And all you teachers didn't go back to school until yesterday, too, and the first day back to school can be kind of chaotic. So really the contest announcement is right on time.

Without further ado, the winners for January are:

Ms. K of Buena Vista, VA and Ms. T of Brookville, IN.

Yesterday (instead of posting winners on my blog) I treated myself to something I've never done before: a writing date. I met a writing friend at a coffee shop and we worked silently side by side all morning. Have any of you done this before? I was worried it might become hangout time instead of writing time, but actually, I was incredibly productive. I don't think it was because I was trying to look good, either. I think the simple act of sitting next to someone who is working and focusing rubs off, and makes you work and focus more than you would if you were alone.
Especially if when you are alone you are sitting next to the telephone, the kitchen and internet access. ;)