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I hope this post doesn't make you hungry!

So there are some things in the world that have pretty much exhausted themselves.

For example, board games. I'm of the mind that all of the really good board games have already been invented. Scrabble, Boggle, Sorry, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Pass the Pigs (okay there are lots more but I can't think of them right now.) But my point is that most of the games that are classics, that really, really work and are fun to play, were invented a long time ago, and most of the new games that are coming out right now are just not that fun. All the good games have already been invented.

Here's another case in point. Candy bars. The classics: Reece's Reanut Butter Cups, Nestle Crunch, Snickers, Milky Way, Three Musketeers (okay, again the list could go on and on), have been around forever. New candy bars come out all the time, but do any of them really catch on? Not really.

There are probably other cagtegories of goods that fit this description, but I don't really feel like taxing my brain any more that I already have. So here's my pick for something that will never exhaust itself: books. Lots of people claim that there are only a fixed number of stories: 64; 20 or even only 2. But the amazing thing is that they can be retold in an infinite number of ways!

Yay books!

Okay, so now you probably have 5000 exceptions to my rule bouncing around in your head, so if you must, release them onto the comments page.

And THIRD GRADE BABY will be in bookstores Fall 2008!

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