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I Won! I Won!

Goodness gracious I'm just so excited! I popped over to Lisa Yee's blog today to see who'd won her hilarious Bodacious Book Title Competition, and my entry was an honorable mention! I feel seriously, um, honored.

The contest rules were easy, pick a book title, change one word to a word that rhymes with it and give a description of what the book was about. My husband and I were addicted for about two days, then we sought help and went cold turkey. (But not before I entered, obviously.)
Here's my entry:
Book: The Polar Express
New Title: The Solar Express
Summary: Due to global warming Santa now owns beachfront property.
(And I will receive a small portion of the fantastic booty!)

And for any moms out there, check out this blog! (It's written by my sis.)