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I dreamed a proverb!

I don't mean I dreamed the dream equivalent of "a stitch in time saves nine" or "a apple a day keeps the doctor away." I mean, in my dream, I invented a new proverb. A strange proverb.

Well actually, I didn't invent it. Justine Larbalestier did. In my dream she wrote me an email to talk about my work-in-progress.

No, I do not know Justine, nor have I ever communicated with her before, other than in my dreams. Yet I have dreamed her several times. I do not know why. I never dream any other YA authors. Though I do enjoy her books and her blog.

Here is what she told me regarding said WIP. That I was "too wound by the moldy milk in the mustardy."

I knew exactly what she meant, too. In my dream mind, this made up proverb comes from the fact that if cows eat too many mustard greens the milk will be mustardy-tasting (I have no idea if this happens in real life,) but here I was worrying that some of the milk got moldy, when I had the much bigger problem of all of the milk tasting mustardy. In short, she meant don't spend all your time working on a small part of the problem if you haven't fixed the bigger problem.

Only, I didn't think I was doing this with regards to my WIP, so I'm not sure I know what this dream was telling me.