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Step it Up and Dance

So I know almost nothing about dance, but I started watching this show because I went to Hebrew school with the host, Elizabeth Berkley, when we were kids, and hey, it's kind of cool to watch the career of an I-knew-her-when.

Plus, I'm a huge Project Runway fan, so I figured that was reason enough to give another Bravo reality TV show a shot.

Big surprise, but there's something that resonates so strongly in me when I watch these kinds of artist competitions. (Because, that's basically what they are, right?) The casts of these shows just love their medium (be it dance, fashion design, singing, modeling etc) with such a passion, and they want to make it so badly. That belly fire desire is palpable, and (is this embarrassing?) it's how I feel about writing.

I think that's why I love reading other writers' blogs too. We just all get it--that feeling of wanting to create something amazing, and that understanding of how hard, hard, hard it is to do.

Hmmm. I guess I'm feeling philosophical because I just sent off another revision of my YA manuscript to my editor, and my desire to make it great almost undid me.
But now, for the time-being at least, I have to let it go, and that means more time for blogging.

Stay-tuned for later this week when I unveil my special summer project for unleashing creativity!