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A Writing Trainer

Recently I've started doing pilates with a personal trainer. (After having three kids, I had no ab strength left.) What I've discovered is how much nicer it is to work out with a trainer than by myself. She plans the workout I do. She cheers me on or tells me to push myself a little harder. She also tells me when I should stop, when she sees that my muscles are just too fatigued to continue. It's taken away all the stress of overanalyzing my workouts. Did I push myself hard enough? Did I overdo it? (Or maybe I'm the only one who does this.)

It's gotten me thinking, too. How nice would it be to have a writing trainer?

Everyday when I sat down at my computer she'd tell me exactly what I was going to work on during that writing session. She'd cheer me on whenever I started to flag. "Come on. One more paragraph! You're almost at the end of the page." She'd push me when I started to slack. "Close your inbox! Turn off your wireless connection. No stopping until the chapter is finished!"

And the best part, at the end of every session she'd give me a nice shoulder rub to prevent cramping!

I know I'm joking, but seriously? There are days where I really might consider paying for such a person. :)