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Nearing the N*

I'm so close to finishing the latest revision of the mg I'm currently working on. It's been very slow going, like pulling teeth. I remember reading somewhere of a writer who talked about that phenomenon. They way writing sometimes pours out of your pen almost effortlessly, and then other times the process is so slow and painful you can hardly bear it. The writer's point (and I wish I could remember who made it so I could credit him/her)was that in the finished product it was impossible to tell which was which. The slow and painful parts could be just as good (or not good) as the quick and easy parts.

Which means...
you have to keep writing, even when it feels impossible. What it feels like often bears no relation to what it is.

Only now I'm at the impatient part. The end is in sight and I want to sprint to the finish line, but with three kids beginning summer vacation, I don't think sprinting is going to happen.

Slow and steady wins the race?

(Does anyone remember that song? C is the way it begins. H is the next letter in. I is the middle of the word and C, well you already heard. K is a kind of a hen. E now we're nearing the N. C-H-I-C-K-E-N, that's the way you spell Chicken.)