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The Winners!

Congratulations to the following 20 classrooms, schools and teachers that have one the third grade box of fun!
I'll be in touch!

Mr. K. at Chandler Elementary School, Indiana
Mrs. B. at Shawswick Elementary, Indiana
Mrs. M. at Bart-Colerain Elementary, Pennsylvania
Mrs. R. at Kratz Elementary, Missouri
Mrs. B. at Mabel Elementary, North Carolina
Mrs. Y. at Lake Windward Elementary, Georgia
Mrs. J. at Washington Elementary School, Wisconsin
Ms. D. at Glover School, Massachusetts
Ms. L. at Mt. Marion Elementary School, New York
Mrs. S. at Ft. McCoy School, Florida
Mrs. C. at Braeside School, Illinois
Mrs. M. at St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Pennsylvania
Ms. G. at Orrington Elementary, Illinois
Ms. W. at Harris Elementary School, Missouri
Ms. H. at Woodland Consolidated School, Maine
Ms. S. at Franklin School, New Jersey
Ms. D. at South Allegheny Elementary, Pennsylvania
Ms. B. at South Allegheny Elementary, Pennsylvania
Mrs. H. at Walter C. Black Elementary, New Jersey
Ms. S. at J. Fred Spark School, Levittown, New York

Happy Reading!!!