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A Very Good Day

Today was an excellent day. Here is the reason why:

I went to the library! I loooooove the library, and I love coming home with a stack of books so high it's hard to carry. That's just what I did today. (I also checked out a stack of picture books for a certain toddler who lives in the same house as me, but I did not take a picture of those. You think it's hard taking candy from a baby? Try taking a new book from a two-year-old!)

So...I love to read, and even when working hard on a new novel, I still find time to read. But when I'm between manuscripts I have a special time I like to call a reading frenzy. (Sort of like a feeding frenzy, but with books! Much less fattening.)

You might infer from the above sentence that I am between manuscripts and you are very nearly right. The first (and quite rough draft) of my new YA is days away from completion! Then I will hand it off to my critique group and not think about it at all for two weeks. (Yeah, right. Okay, I'll think, but I won't work or write.)

With all this time on my hands, I plan to dig into a good book or two or three or four or five....