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Seventeen Year Cicadas and New Books

So here in the north suburbs of Chicago we are enjoying the seventeen year cicadas. (These are bugs that live underground and come out only once every seventeen years to mate.) Since I didn't live in Chicago seventeen years ago, this is my first Cicada adventure. I was all set to be plagued by these critters in a biblical way, you know? Because, most experiences are cool at least once.

However, even though I practically live in the middle of a forest--I really do, it's nearly illegal to cut down trees in my town--i've barely seen a single bug. Nor are my ears vibrating from the cicada's incessant hum. While only a mile away, driveways are coated with these purportedly excellent sources of protein and neigbors are going deaf in their din.

I can't help but wonder, was is something I did? Did word travel through the underground about my evil treatment of cicadas' fourth cousins twice removed, the mosquitos? Ah. I feel left out.

However, soon I will be leaving my town and traveling to New York. (For the day, but still...) There I will have lunch with my editor! Possibly even meeting other wonderful people at FSG. Possibly even discussing revisions of GIRL IN WAITING, which should begin sometime mid-summer.

Then I will meet my agent! (Who I am really looking forward to getting to know!) I recently sent her book number three, a middle-grade comedy about a fourth grade boy.

Now I'm going to get back to book number four. (Which I just started, so the only thing I can tell you about it is that it's written with words.)

May your day be purple!

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