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When life intrudes on blogging

Has it really been three months?
I've been so busy it feels more like I just blinked three times.

For the past two weeks I've been teaching a class on how to structure a novel at the Off-Campus Writer's Workshop in Winnetka, IL. It's been so fantastic meeting other writers, hearing about their great works-in-progress and working together at improving our writing. I truly believe that anyone who wants to be a writer must consider herself a lifelong student of the craft. So even though I'm standing behind the podium, I'm excited by how much I am learning too.

There's one more session left if anyone out there is interested in joining us. The topic will be how to manage your subplots. Thursday morning, May 1, from 9:30-12:00 at the Winnetka Community House.

And now, even though this post is short, that's all I have time to write. Because in addition to teaching, I'm still revising. (Or I should say revising again.) But this time with such energy, and a strong feeling that I'm improving my novel, as opposed to just muddling things up, which I kind of felt last time. So...yay!