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Do you want fries with that?

So once I went to Dairy Queen. (I'm partial to vanilla dipped in cherry.) As I was walking out of the restaurant a squad car, sirens blaring, screeched to a halt in the parking lot and two cops jumped out and grabbed a guy with scruffy brown hair leaning casually up against the front of the DQ waiting for his order. (He'd been in line in front of me only moments before.)

Naturally, I stuck around to watch the events that were about to unfold and to enjoy some soft serve on a beautiful summer's day.

The police officers bent the guy over the hood of their car, frisked him and cuffed him. As they shoved him in the back seat of the cruiser, a pimply faced DQ employee walked up to "the perp" carrying a grease-stained paper bag. "Do you still want your burger?"

I kid you not.
Blizzard, anyone?

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Is there anything as cute as a baby?

I went to visit a six-week-old that I know the other day, and boy was he cute. He's in that very first smile stage when the side of their nose crinkles as they try to get the corners of their mouth lifted. Sooo cute! But by far the highlight of the visit was getting to use the funniest baby product I've ever come across...the breast bottle!

Yes, you read that correctly. It is a squishy silicon bottle shaped like a you-know-what! (Thankfully it was the hold in your hand variety and not the kind you strap to your chest!)

Also got an email from my editor yesterday. (MY EDITOR! YAY!) That ought to keep me on cloud nine for the rest of the month.

Hope you have a purple day!


So guess what I did today! I met with a web designer. L'il ole me is going to have her own website. And it will feature a purple desk. Just not this one.

Guess what I did this weekend! I went to a puppet show for grown ups. At this place:

Redmoon Theater, if you can catch one of their shows I highly recommend it! They are unlike anything else you've ever seen. And it made me realize how much I love to go to live theater.
And how much I love going out with my husband. And how expensive babysitters are.
Oh well.


#1 & #2

So, here's what I've learned about myself this week since I got the offers for my books and started blogging (well, posting twice.)
1. I have a really hard time accepting complements
2. I have a really hard time talking about myself
Connected? I think maybe. And maybe that's why I write, too. It's much easier to go there with characters I've made up, then with myself.

But since I'm here....
No news yet on final details of the deal, but I find for once it's easy to be patient. I have a new young adult novel (book #4) I'm just beginning, and I'd like to get some momentum going there. I also have book #3, a funny story about a 10 yr. old boy, that needs to be revised. Plus another little project I've got goin' on. Once the deals for #1 and #2 (okay, get your heads out of the potty) are done, I'll probably be swamped with revisions.

Sooo, I should be writing not blogging right now.

(Not that I don't want to blog with you right now, but I really shouldn't be talking anymore. Okay? Bye!)


Pinch Me

Well, I started this blog a while ago, but as you can see...I never posted. Really I never planned to post. It was sort of a secret inspiration. If I ever became a published author then, I thought, then I would blog.

Guess what?

I'm blogging! I've received offers on two of my children's books, and as soon as the deals are finalized, I'll share more details. But Third Grade Baby and Girl in Waiting are really going to happen!