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Thank you to everyone at ISLMA who came to hear my talk on chapterbooks, a topic so near and dear to my heart. Here is a list (definitely not exhaustive) to get you started!

Great Chapterbooks!
• Adler, David : Cam Jansen books
• Armstrong, Jennifer: Patrick Doyle is Full of Blarney
• Avi,: S.O.R. Losers
• Auch, Mary Jane: I Was a Third Grade Science Project and others
• Betancourt, Jeanne: Pony Pals series
• Blume, Judy: Freckle Juice
• Brown, Jeff: Flat Stanley books
• Catling, Patrick: The Chocolate Touch
• Chew, Ruth : The Wednesday Witch (and other books)
• Choe, Sook Nyul: The Best Older Sister
• Christopher, Matt: Soccer Cats series
• Clifford, Eth: Help! I'm A Prisoner In The Library
• Coerr, Eleanor : Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes
• Conford, Ellen: Jenny Archer books
• Coville, Bruce: Space Brats books and many others
• Cuyler, Margery: Weird Wolf and others
• Dadey, Debbie: Bailey School Kids series and others
• Dahl, Roald: George’s Marvelous Medicine, The Enormous Crocodile and others
• Dalgliesh, Alice: The Courage of Sarah Noble and also The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
• Danziger, Paula: Amber Brown books
• Deary, Terry: Calamity Kate
• DeClements, Barthe: Fourth Grade Wizards
• Delton, Judy: Pee Wee Scouts series
• Duffey, Betsy: Math Wiz; Gadget War; How to Be Cool in Third Grade
• Estes, Eleanor: The Hundred Dresses
• Friedman, Laurie: The Mallory Books
• Gannett, Ruth: My Father's Dragon
• Giff, Patricia Reilly: Polk Street School books
• Gifford, Peggy: Moxy Maxwell Books
• Greenburg, Dan: The Zach Files series
• Gutman, Dan: Weird School series
• Haddix, Margaret Peterson: Say What?
• Herman, Charlotte: the "Max Malone" titles
• Hesse, Karen: Sable
• Hiller, BB: Rent a Third Grader
• Howe, James: Bunnicula books
• Hughes, Ted: The Iron Giant
• Hurwitz, Johanna: Class President; Fourth Grade Fuss and others
• King-Smith, Dick : Lady Lollipop and many others
• Kline, Suzy: Herbie Jones and Horrible Harry books
• Korman, Gordon: Nose-Pickers from Outer Space
• Krulik, Nancy: Katie Kazoo books
• Kurtz, Jane: Bicycle Madness; I’m Sorry Almira Ann
• Landon, Lucinda: Meg Mackintosh series
• Levy, Elizabeth: The monster series (Dracula is a pain in the neck- Gorgonzola Zombies in the Park...etc.)
• Lowry, Lois: Gooney Bird Greene books
• Look, Lenore: Alvin Ho books
• MacLachlan, Patricia: Sarah, Plain And Tall
• Martin, Ann: Baby-Sitters Younger sister series
• Meyerhoff, Jenny: Third Grade Baby
• Mills, Claudia: 7x9=Trouble; Being Teddy Roosevelt; How Oliver Olson Changed the World
• Myers,Laurie: Earthquake in the Third Grade
• Osborne, Mary Pope: The Magic Treehouse Series
• Park, Barbara: The Junie B. Jones series
• Pennypacker, Sara: Clementine Books
• Peterson, John: The Littles series
• Pilkey, Dav: The Adventures of Captain Underpants
• Roy, Ron: A to Z Mysteries Series
• Rylant, Cynthia: Cobble Street Cousins books
• Sachar, Louis: Marvin Redpost series
• Sharmat, Marjorie: Nate the Great series
• Sobol, Donald: Encyclopedia Brown Series
• Stine, R.L.: Goosebumps
• Strasser, Todd: Help I'm trapped in... series
• Szeika, Jon: The Time Warp Trio series
• Wright, Betty Ren: The Ghost Witch


The Winners!

Congratulations to the following 20 classrooms, schools and teachers that have one the third grade box of fun!
I'll be in touch!

Mr. K. at Chandler Elementary School, Indiana
Mrs. B. at Shawswick Elementary, Indiana
Mrs. M. at Bart-Colerain Elementary, Pennsylvania
Mrs. R. at Kratz Elementary, Missouri
Mrs. B. at Mabel Elementary, North Carolina
Mrs. Y. at Lake Windward Elementary, Georgia
Mrs. J. at Washington Elementary School, Wisconsin
Ms. D. at Glover School, Massachusetts
Ms. L. at Mt. Marion Elementary School, New York
Mrs. S. at Ft. McCoy School, Florida
Mrs. C. at Braeside School, Illinois
Mrs. M. at St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Pennsylvania
Ms. G. at Orrington Elementary, Illinois
Ms. W. at Harris Elementary School, Missouri
Ms. H. at Woodland Consolidated School, Maine
Ms. S. at Franklin School, New Jersey
Ms. D. at South Allegheny Elementary, Pennsylvania
Ms. B. at South Allegheny Elementary, Pennsylvania
Mrs. H. at Walter C. Black Elementary, New Jersey
Ms. S. at J. Fred Spark School, Levittown, New York

Happy Reading!!!