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And the knitter is...


I did it. I went and bought myself some needles and yarn, took a lesson from my mother and next thing you know my needles were clicking, and a beautiful ball of green yarn became something else.
In my last post, I predicted my first project would be a scarf, but I was wrong.
I made fingerless gloves.

And now my kids all want their own pairs too. I will happily make them after I finish project number two. That off-white yarn in the first picture? That's my scarf. Hopefully it will go as smoothly as the handwarmers.

And unrelated, or perhaps completely related, I've been completely obessed with this video lately. A song/poem by Tanya Davis.

Yes, art, I want you too.

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Hobbies and Work

In my teens writing was a hobby. I carried a notebook with me where ever I went and wrote poems as they struck me. Some days I might write half a dozen poems and some days or weeks I'd write none. It didn't really matter. I wrote when I enjoyed it and I enjoyed what I wrote.

In my twenties, writing was a dream. I wanted to be a professional writer, but I wasn't sure what kind. I only knew that I wasn't a professional writer, and I couldn't really enjoy writing as a hobby anymore either. I suffered (in my mind) a lot.

In my thirties, I became a published children's book author. I learned to enjoy writing again. But it's still no longer a hobby. It's work, and I do it everyday, even when I don't enjoy it. And I LOVE this. But I miss having a hobby. A creative hobby.

So I'm thinking of taking up knitting. Something I can do when the mood strikes, but don't have to do if I don't feel like it. My mother is an accomplished knitter, and I've already put in the request for lessons over Thanksgiving. Like millions of knitters before me, I'm sure my first project will be a scarf. I'll let you know how it goes.


Overhead on Halloween

Son, in Obi Wan coustume, rings doorbell: Trick or Treat!
Older gentlemen opens door: Whoa! A Jedi!
Son, amazed: You've seen Star Wars?

The force is old, but as popular as ever. At least in our house.